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Captain Richard Ryan
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Richard Ryan
(at time of death) 43 (39 for Waking Sleep)
Short black hair.
Muscular build. Appears human.
Improved healing, sense of smell, and reflexes, the latter of which can be seen if one knows what to look for. Lycanthropy causes the eyes to become bright yellow on nights of the full moon followed by a brief, but painful, physical transformation into an 8-foot tall digitigrade werewolf.

Ryan is also capable of understanding and speaking canine:

Canine looks like this.
MILLIWAYS: Ryan is almost always wearing combat boots. He tends to wear combat clothes only when working out. Civvies are worn the rest of the time, and tend to be dark colours.

He is always, unless otherwise mentioned, carrying a SIG-Sauer P226 in a side holster. Likewise, he is always wearing the house ring of Farris on his left ring finger.

Recently he was given a puppy, much to his chagrin. A Doberman pup with docked ears and tail can be found near him, if not at his feet. Damocles is now full grown and spends a great deal of his time outside, like his master, but usually joins Ryan inside for meals and sleeping.

SLEEPING WAKE: Ryan is currently wearing mismatched and poorly fitting civilian clothes. He has a SIG-Sauer P226 hidden in his rucksack, due to a lack of ammo for it. There's a sheathed combat knife on his belt, kept on his back side.
Things to Know for Interaction: Ryan can scent emotions and lies. Working as a jeweler and smith has made him particular sensitive to various metals. Blood scent and fear scent will attract his attention, as will acting wounded. He moves more smoothly than a human, though this wanes and waxes with the moon slightly.

The waitrats will not approach him unless they really like/have been tipped well by your pup. He will make eye contact with your pup, but blinks while doing so. This establishes that he's a dominant wolf without cause for a fight.

Ryan is still feeling out his new instincts and abilities and doesn't yet know what to make of either, let alone how to use them. Blood and fear will still attract his attention, as will acting wounded.

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Disclaimer: Captain Richard Ryan is from the movie Dog Soldiers, and is the property of Kismet Entertainment Group, the Noel Gay Motion Picture Company, Victor Film Company, and Carousel Picture Company. He is played by Liam Cunningham, who is in no way affiliated with this journal.

Ryan appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar and wesleepingwake, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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