Captain Richard Ryan (captainryan) wrote,
Captain Richard Ryan


He works carefully with steel for strength. The chain is tiny, tedious work since he forges it link by link, but it's the most difficult thing in the project. The tag itself is easier, dull steel engraved with her name and degree on one side, a stylized version of the wolf on his ring on the other. He makes two of those, one for her and one for himself. Finally he plates everything with a thin layer of gold and puts it all together. The spare tag he slips onto his own chain.

He presents the necklace to her with a small smile and a modest, "Just thought you'd like something to hang my tag from." He slips the chain over her head, then pulls his own tags out from under his shirt, one of gold, one of steel, to show her. She digs his liberated tag out of her pocket and quickly fastens its little chain around the larger one. He grins at the equal but opposite nature of their dog tags and helps her slip hers under her shirt. She lets out a squeak as the cold metal touches her skin.

And then she kisses him to make him stop laughing.
Tags: oom
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